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hey well this week has been alot of fun!!
saturday-cleaned and went to kayla's
sunday-stayed the night with kayla and lyn-z rolled the JB's house, spray painted the road it was sooooooo pretty and just hung out
monday- went to nathan's until 6, than came home my sis told everybody she was havig a baby, then we went to my nana's and i went home
tuesday-me and kayla stayed the night at me sis's and got drunk lol
wednesday-got my hair done i died it brown and got it cut, then went to kayla's then to my sis's
thursady-hung out at my house and went to my sis's then went and saw hollie she got back from the army and is going back on the 29th, i don't thinl i can say good bye to her agian!:(
friday-i am going to dani's
saturday-going to atroxs
well comment and tell me how yalls are going love yall bye
Tags: i can't wait to see dani
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