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hey well yeah this weekend was alot of fun......
friday- kisa came over and went to the game until half time then nathan took me and kisa back to my sis's house...... i almost kicked joy's ass but she backed out..... then at my sis's me and kisa got so wasted and nathan went home. i hit my head on his truck lol....
saturday-me and kisa just hung out i had a really bad hang over.... then nathan came over and we went with my sis to get her nails done. nathan had to be home by 7:30 b/cuz his mom needed the truck but he didn't get home until 9 lol.....
sunday-went to church, then the olive garden, then to the body shop!!! i got 2 lil jackets they are so cute..... but i g2g and study 4 a biology test love to all bye!
Tags: i love nathan!!!!
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