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hey well okay sense last weekend-
monday- school then went to the game left like ten minutes me gayla and nathan went back to my sis's house and hung out till about 8.
tuesday- school then came home hung out till about 7 then went with my sis to wal-mart got into a fight with jason clark, michael millwood, and justin phillips.
wednesday- school, came home, doogle,carlie, and ashley came over they satayed 4 like 30 mins,
now i am sad.....i kno why but i don't want to talk about it with anybody i think i am blowing things out of the water.......but i am tired of feeling like this, and i don't kno what to do about it, i have felt this bad 4 awhile and now things are adding i am aobut to blow and it is not going to be good cuz there is no one person to take it out on anymore....i have like no one to talk to and nobody can give me advice on it.
nathan tells me to go to church, my moms says pray, kayla just feels the same way sometimes, lyn-z is only happy when her b/f is there- i don't love ya bye
Tags: i miss nathan
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